We install new surfacing with most installations of new equipment, even in pre existing playgrounds. Have a look below at how this works.


All of the playground surfaces we install comply with the European standard for playground surfacing EN1177. These are referred to as impact attenuating surfaces and are all tested against the various heights of play equipment. Referred to as CFH - Critical Fall Height of or FFH - Free Fall Height, this is the height from which a child can fall if using equipment normally.

Choosing Surfacing

Sometimes the choice of playground surfacing is very personal, some playground owners have a preference for either natural or synthetic surfaces. Other than that, as with most things budget is a major factor. The final choice of surfacing is usually a trade off between initial cost (including the cost of ground preparation) and future maintenance costs. It is also worth considering a mix of surfaces in the playground.”

Have a look at the use of Bound Rubber Mulch and Stone used in this Dublin County Council Office.


We supply and install a range of surfaces to suit any budget, providing a comfortable, colourful and educational play area that’s easily cleaned and free-draining.


Wetpour is a very commonly used surface in playgrounds, this is the surface you see graphics and images in a lot of the time. Ask us about what we can do for your playground.

If you need more information on new surfacing or replacing surfacing, why don’t you download our easy to follow ‘Guide To Surfacing’. Head over to our Contact page to learn more.

Did you know that if you need repairs or maintenance for your surfacing in place already, you can send us pictures directly from the website and we’ll get straight back to you with an answer.